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    Setting the time

    I have found with my 126 vintage heritage that at times it takes the minute hand a minute to catch up. That is, if I set it at 12:00:00, after a minute with the second properly tracking the time, the minute hand hasn't moved. Then it begins moving and so it reads a minute slow. At other times, the minute hand starts right up. Is there a secret here on how to set the time or do I need to have it checked by my AD.


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    I have the same problem with my BR01-94. Sometimes it takes 1minute for the minute hand to 'take-up', and, more annoyingly, 90 seconds!

    I am adamant that I want the second hand and minute hands synchronised as well as possible, so this odd behaviour is annoying - is there a 'technique' for making the minute hand move as soon as you push the crown in?

    Any help or similar experiences would be interesting to hear...

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    Strange! never had this problem with a any of my watches... If they are still under warranty, maybe you should send them to have it checked/corrected

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