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    'POP UP' Store at Canary Wharf, London, UK......

    .........Monday 17th October to Wednesday 19th October 2011, Charles Fish, opened a Bell & Ross Exhibition for the first time.
    This was to serve as both a promotional tool and a chance for an intimate opportunity to directly serve the public.

    I hadn't been into Canary Wharf for over 10 years, and I must say it had really changed!
    I've always loved the Industrial feel of the Tube Station!

    .....the iconic clocks!

    .....the good old DLR!

    There were many watches on show, for the public to see and try on, and expert service was given by Scott & James, from Charles Fish, as well as Michel, UK & Ireland Brand Manager for Bell & Ross.

    Yesterday, Monday, was a busy day, with many brochures passed out and various information given.

    I couldn't believe the amount of B&R's in 'the wild' I saw!!!
    .....old Vintages, BR01's BR03's and some new Vintages!!

    .....the well positioned 'Pop Up' Store/Exhibition.

    .....the shopping centre was very busy on occasions.

    ...the signage was great and strategically placed!

    ....had to do a wrist shot!

    ....the actual Charles Fish store.

    ....cheers Guys!!!

    ....Scott, Michel and James!!

    Get yourself along if you are in the area!
    It will be open from 8am - 7pm and finishes tomorrow.

    Thanks for looking.
    Simon C
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    thanks for sharing Mr ambassador !!!
    very interesting report..........
    tough first row ( sweet low, sweet chariot..... )
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    Nice report Si, didnt know that place but think the pop up stand is perfect... Cool idea and Michel is the perfect man to promote this event

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    Cool event..
    Hadn't enough time to visit Canary wharf last Monday/Tuesday, hope I will next time!

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