It had been stuck in customs, from its tour of duty in the US, so we didn't have it for the Thursday evening.
However it rocked up bright and early on the Friday morning, and looked amazing on the booth.!

And of course, it had an incredible presence and got a lot of attention, especially by me and a few other well known faces!!!

...looked at home in the space.

...Fabian, looked at home on the bike!!

...Emily, popped over from Paris!!

...Piers, had a go!

...Scott, had a go!

...some chap called, BlackBadger arrived from Sweden!!!

....however I probably sat on it the most!! Just love this bike!!

HOPE you enjoyed the show, if you came along.
THANKS to everyone at SALON QP and the SAATCHI GALLERY, for making it a great show.

Cheers, to all my guests, for behaving themselves!!