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    Over winding, possible?

    Just picked up my BR 03-51 GMT yesterday and it was already setup by the retailer. I went home to work it and see how the winder works and can't tell at what point is the watch fully wound. I went clockwise a few times and stopped just to be safe. Is there a safety mechanism to prevent over winding. My first automatic and don't want to do any dmg. Thanks.
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    it is best to wear the watch to keep it wound. you could also let it sit until it stops, then wind it, but only about 30-40 times. hope that helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sf_loft View Post
    Is there a safety mechanism to prevent over winding. My first automatic and don't want to do any dmg. Thanks.
    I am not sure about the movement in your watch, but with my 03-94, if I listen really closely while winding, I can hear a gentle click once the watch becomes fully wound indicating that the overwind mechanism is kicking in and preventing damage. Give your watch a "listen".

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    30-40 wind should be def enough to have your watch fully loaded... If the power reserve is in high position, "extra loading" wouldnt have any effect on your watch ( either wearing it or winding it)

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    I read that the BR-01 doesn't have a safety mechanism.

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    I called the B&R National Service Center in Miami, Fl- This my situation and what I did;

    I own a Bell & Ross BR123v (vintage with the light brown calfskin) [this is my second BR123 (first was a 2005 Geneva). The winding mechanisms behave differently. The Geneva, being older, had a winding crown that acted like my Rolex Explorer 1 (114270). You can manually wind it when it's power reserve is basically ZERO. You wind clockwise at first position, you CAN hear the fine clicking, it will make a very subtle click (slightly louder than the fine clicks). You've reached the safety clutch. You're ready to wear and go. My newer vintage (newer ETA 2895) only pulls out to position 1 & 2. Wind the crown without pulling out, 20-30 times & wavw the watch 5-10x' making figure '8's', you're set. Call Miami, the phone number is in this website. They've always been very helpful. Good luck!

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