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Thread: Gaining Time?

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    Gaining Time?

    I'm not sure why, but my BR03-94 continues to run fast and gain time at an impressive rate.

    ANY ideas as to why!?! I haven't wound it in over a week.

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    Might be worth dropping it in to where you bought it from and having them send it for a service.

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    if the ratio is more than 10s/day you should send back to service under warranty... You can have many reasons for that but sure BR service will solve that problem quickly

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    Anyway for me to keep track on the accuracy of the watch? i don't have any special gizmos and etc.

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    you do not need a special gizmo. go on line to greenwich mean time and type in your location. it will give you the exact time. set your watch to that time. then check it again in a week. i do this every week to reset my watch. which is about 45sec. fast per week, pretty good for an auto..
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