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    price to get my BR01-96 PVD recoated?

    Hello ,

    Can someone tell me what would be the price to get my watch PVD coated again !! it is coming off around the bezel :-(IMG_0402.jpg

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    I think BR service will replace the complete bezel. It will be easier and probably cheaper than recoating the case. Represent too much work to get the pvd off, then brushed the case, then recoat the part.
    If im not wrong i paid around 225e in March2009 for a pvd bezel on my 0192 Phantom... Actual prices may be higher but not too much.

    Best thing to do IMO, send your watch to service (trough your AD) to have a clear and exact estimation.

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    thank you for the advice ,

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    as Gudzyy, says, its easier to replace the bezel.
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