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    BR03-94 First Watch

    Hello everyone,

    I am new on this Forum and also in the B&R world. I just have a series of questions as I fell in love with the universe of the brand, the world it suggests and that is packed into the beautiful Aviation style watches.

    I am about to buy the B393-94 Carbon and would have liked some orientation regarding this model. As this would be my first "real" watch, I would like to know whereas it is one that will gain some value with time. Is it a pure beautifully marketed object?

    Thanks for all !


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    This is only my opinion,
    BR produces beautiful watches, very well made with simple but strong movements.
    The 03-94 you mentioned is a good choice if you're looking for a watch with a sportive look, kinda thick and present on the wrist (personnaly love that chunky feeling), but if you're looking for something cleaner dont forget to try a 03-92.

    Honestly, dont buy a BR for its potential future value, except few limited editions all the BR loose value in time. But what is the most important? the great feeling you'll have everytime you wear it, or the value you will have when you'll sell it later?! for me the answer is clear, never bought a watch for the future value

    My advice, if you love it, if you have the money in pocket, GO FOR IT ! they are really nice... Only bad point, BR is a bit addictive and once you have one you'll probably want another one (or two)

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    WELCOME, to the crazy world of B&R!!!
    As Gudzyy has said, buy with your heart and what you can afford.
    There aren't many brands that hold their value (and they are very expensive).
    My advice is go to an AD, try on as many as you can to get a feel for the brand and the different styles, then see which one you prefer.

    ....don't worry, it may be your first, but it won't be your last!
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