Hi, I am planning to buy a BR02 steel watch soon. I am from India and there are no dealers. Hence I am going to have to buy the watch through my friends in the Middle East without actually trying it out. My wrist is 6inches and I wear a Panerai 44mm. Although it does look slightly big, I can carry it off. However, the rubber straps of standard length of any brand do not fit me. They are all too loose. I want to know

1. What is the standard length of the strap of BR02 (both the velcro and rubber) and will it comfortably fit a 6inch wrist (not loose)
2. Does B and R make shorter sizes like most brands - if yes, what lengths
3. Can I get a replacement at the dealer instead of buying one extra strap afterwards.
4. Which is the best place to get a aftermarket strap for BR02. I have bought many for my Panerai and would like to do the same for BR.

Thanks a ton for your responses, they will surely help me in my decision whether to first try the watch or buy it directly.