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    Airborne II strap.......

    .......its supposed to be an Airborne II strap, however it looks very different to the ones I've seen or worn!
    Its definitely a B&R strap, however doesn't look the same for instance as the one I wore a month or so ago.

    Anyone else got this strap for comparisons.

    .....looks great and I love the 'crackled' effect.

    >>> on the wrist

    ...very soft and comfortable.

    Lets see your pics.
    Fred, lets see yours.
    Simon C
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    Airborne II buckle will be available soon.. I want it too!!

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    Actually it is different, the original strap that came with Airborne II is more distressed and worn out.
    I was going to get the strap from Singapore shop then changed my mind.
    The original strap looks way better.

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