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    Reports from the frontlines: BaselWorld 2012

    Hello all! I was lucky enough to attend BaselWorld and here is my report from the time I spent with Bell & Ross, and more specifically the great times shared with the great friends I have made through B&R

    These are mostly candid iPhone / app edited pics, focusing on the social side and the laughs we all had. Oh and there's a few slick watches in there as well!

    I figured this was a great excuse to get myself back onto the forum here!

    A huge thanks to Simon and the Bell & Ross family for such an amazing level of hospitality

    These will be really in no order, and just to give you a fun impression of the times we had there


    My travelling companions as I arrived in Basel

    Only in Basel Central Station would Hamilton hang an airplane!!!

    The ever-cool Chronofred at the train platform in Mulhouse, France

    Simon showing a hell of a nice prototype leather NATO strap during dinner!

    Well look what we found outside on the streets of Basel! A perfect match with my Vintage pilot jacket!

    Everyone loves a good wristshot, but how about if it's the wrist of Mr. Carlos Rosillo We met up outside the entry and had a nice chat about the BOMBER! The photo editing app made Carlos' wrist look like Chewbacca, sorry about that!!

    And now onto the wristshots! We had over 2 hours alone with Carlos, as he talked us through the entire lineup, it was a real treat!!

    Here's the authentic WW2 Bombers aviation timer that the BR Bomber is based on. I loved the esthetic of this, and it was SOLID.

    The new 01 series dashboard instruments were really interesting, and I liked them far more than I thought I would! Here's the Altimeter...

    Well now how much of a treat was this next part...as we are being shown the line, Simon leans over to Carlos and shows him the BadgerBones Grey Wolf strap I had with me. Carlos grins and walks out of the room with it, leaving the rest of us kind of looking at each other wondering what the hell was happening. 15 minutes later he returns, having had the prototype of the 01 Horizon mounted on my strap! This was a great thrill and a very good indicator of what fun people Bruno and Carlos are! The B&R boss puts my strap on his watch, in his VIP suite, at BaselWorld! This was a great thrill, and I wore it for the next few hours in the B&R exhibit

    No surprise why I loved the Horizon so much! Seeing as I have 11 different shades of grey markers....ha ha. A fine BRomance I have for this model

    Here's Simon proving that tough guys do wear scarves

    Gaetan shows off his groovy Black Bager rings (Merci!!)

    Simon and Guillaume in the B&R suite

    A pinup with a Bomber, no better match that I can think of!

    My BR01 and some new prototype carbon cufflinks accompany me into Basel for a meeting on wednesday morning

    A fun pic of some banged-up shutters around Mulhouse, France. I stayed (as with most of us) over on the French side. Cheaper, better food, and of course Alsace wine!

    Confit de Canard and, of course, a nice Reisling

    The town of Mulhouse, hell of a long walk from central station to the hotel ,but a really nice town. Kinda sucked being there by myself though


    And of course, heading back home to Sweden...Massive thanks to the entire Bell & Ross team. It was a legendary time there, and it really reinforced for me why I like the brand as much as I do.

    Cheers all!
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    lovely report, JT!
    Glad to have you there!
    Simon C
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    congrats awesome pics.......

    In anything at all, perfection is finally attained not when there is no longer anything to add, but when there is no longer anything to take away.

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    Merci Philippe!!

    Great seeing you again my friend!
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