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    "Meet the BR0gers" !!!!!

    .......So I met with Fred, Philippe, Gudzyy, Guillaume and Gaetan, with special guest, James 'BlackBadger', for a little GTG at Baselworld 2012.
    It was an early, 3:00 am start for me, drive down to LGW to get my flight to Basel.

    ....look at this lot!! (waiting for Fred to arrive)!!

    ...the B&R stand from the balcony

    ..."where are we"?!!!

    We had the afternoon to ourselves, so after saying hello to some of the guys on the B&R stand, we went off to check out some of the show.

    ....a billboard we found

    ....we met a guy, with pink shoes!!!!

    Basel Train Station, where we'd got the tram.
    OFF to Mulhouse......

    Mulhouse, train Station, after a 25 mins journey>>>> off to find the Hotel!

    We popped out after a brief break, chance to unpack, shower etc!

    ....the Alcase, 'pizza' YUM!

    ...I gave the guys, a present, an iSoldier (which one member particularly enjoyed!!!)

    ....a few of the watches on show

    ALL the watches!

    BlackBadger's glowing ring(s) !!!

    ....so after plenty to eat and drink, we made our way back, ready for our early morning meeting at B&R stand, Basel fair.

    ....Mulhouse Station, ready to catch our train to Basel

    ...a SHOE shot!!!

    ...a #WOMW shot!!

    ....what a bunch!

    >>>we arrive at the fair from the tram, I love this place.
    Great venue, very familiar for me, this is my 4th year.
    The weather was amazing, warm, blue skies.

    ....the booth awaits

    ....we reach the booth and Carlos, explains the watches (mostly in French!!)

    ....I think the boys, enjoyed themselves?!!!

    AH, look whats in the booth!!!

    MANY THANKS to the guys, for being great company!!!
    Thank you to Carlos, Bruno and ALL the B&R team.
    Simon C
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    So happy to share this Baselworld with you Simon, James, and all my French BRo's..
    Would have loved to try the motorbike!!!
    Next time I hope

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    fantastic report......a great team, for sure !!

    In anything at all, perfection is finally attained not when there is no longer anything to add, but when there is no longer anything to take away.

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