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    BR02 uneven lume?

    I just purchased a brand new BR02 from an AD and I noticed the lume on the pro dial appears uneven and not uniform.

    The hour hand in particular leaves a lot to be desired as it has what looks to be a small crater or bubble in the lume and is very noticeable in certain lighting but I can see it all the time regardless of lighting.

    When the lume glows this crater (if that’s what it is) appears as a darker spot of lume or blemish.

    Disappointing as the rest of the watch seems well put together and everything else apart from the hands appears uniform and clean. So the hands let the rest of the design down.

    Is this normal, has anyone else had uneven applied lume?


    Notice in my photo on the hour hand you will see a depression and unevenness in the lume.
    It’s more noticeable in real life but is the best my camera will do.

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    Angry lame lume

    Sorry to hear that. i just bought a BR03-92 Military type, the lume on mine is even, but is pretty lame and does not last very long, and to make things worse the second hands on Bell&Ross isn't lume. I think this is a serious design faw. The lume on my Omega Rocks!!! lasts all night with very little charge. I think B&R should correct this problem. Sorry I know that doesn't help

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    Sorry to hear about your lume on your Military type.

    In all respect to B & R and their BR02 Pro Dial the lume is not poor; in fact I find it is very good if not excellent. Its glowing pretty much all day and night and noticeably glows in the shadows during the daytime.

    I also own an Omega (PO) which does have bright clean lume, but the size of the hands and digits of the Pro Dial more than makes up for a slightly lesser brightness (if it is less). Charge the Pro Dial up under a light source at night and then turn off the power and the lume lights up the wall.

    With my Omega PO even though it is bright the digits and hands are a lot thinner and I had to study the dial at night to first try and work out where 12.00 was so I could try and determine the time. With the lume on the Pro Dial there is definitely no question what time it is even at a quick glace and seems to last all night as well.

    Mind you it does not have a lumed second hand, but that does not really worry me. I doubt that I will be wearing it in the greater death of the ocean in pitch black darkness without any other timing backup so I could see if the watch was still running or not.

    I guess the white digit Pro Dial is B & R’s flagship diver so it would have to have good lume, but I guess in your case it’s probably disappointing they could not carry that clarity of lume across the whole range.

    The problem I have is the manufacturing application of the lume on the hands which is appears blotchy and uneven and the hands are what you look at to tell the time so I notice it every other minute and that is what disappoints me.

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