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    Pilot for the day!!!

    Something a little different for you!
    I had the opportunity to visit a very special museum on Tuesday, in Paris!
    Musee Air + Espace, Le Bourget Airport, Paris (more to come on that later!)

    Amongst many stunning aircraft, from all eras, this particular aircraft from the 1950's caught my eye, do you know why?!

    ....yes, its an F-84F Thunderstreak, but the 'whole' aircraft, as opposed to the 'cockpit' at the B&R HQ, Paris!

    Got me thinking though!!!

    'POW' indeed!!
    .....which then led to this!

    ...the 2012 Basel BR01 'Novelties' in all their glory!!

    ...the 'Thunderstreak' amongst friends!

    A magnificent Aviation Museum, the best I have ever visited, will be hard to beat this, but I will try!!!!

    Hope you enjoyed the show!!

    THANKS for looking.
    Simon C
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    100% B&R DNA.........IMO

    In anything at all, perfection is finally attained not when there is no longer anything to add, but when there is no longer anything to take away.

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    Really enjoyed the show SImon!!
    Horizon and TC are now out, Altimeter very soon?

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    Had them recently in store.

    People really love the concept. Couldnt resist to a wristshot

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    Love the ALT. Look to get it soon for my first B&R. If not the ALT, the BR01-GMT. Thanks for the pics!
    Blake Smith

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