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    A day at the Races!!!......

    ....I got to finally meet, a friend I made on 'instagram', @_jonrobs_ who wears a BR03 Phantom.
    Jon, is a cool chap and is a key member of the Red Bull Racing team, on the Mechanical side of the operation.
    I was lucky enough to be invited to the Saturday Qualifying at the Bristish GP Silverstone.
    I had a great day with Jon, his girlfriend Dione and a couple of Jon's colleagues and friends!

    My alarm went at 7:00am, to discover flooding where I live!!!!
    A slight detour required!!

    ...onto Milton Keynes!

    ...first #womw shot of the day!

    ...car displayed on the ceiling of HQ Cafe!

    ...me and Jon, should have remembered your shades!

    ...yellow meets Phantom!

    ...from my seat in Beckett's Stand

    ...the rain arrives!

    ...table shot!

    ...key ring shot!

    ...another wrist shot, with yellow socks!

    CHEERS Jon!!
    Hope to see you on here!
    Simon C
    ...follow me on 'twitter' & instagram @SimonCudd,

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    Bad weather... but great moments!
    Backstage must be awesome, I'm sooooo jealous Si !

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