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    Pentillie FoS, Cornwall, UK.....

    ......I attended the first Pentillie "Festival of Speed" at the weekend.
    One of our AD's Michael Spiers, represented the brand as they have shops in Truro, Plymouth and Exeter.

    ...Oli, Watch Manager of the Plymouth branch in our set up stand.

    ...some watches on display.

    ...just a quick sample of some displayed watches.

    ...the Michael Spiers, wrapped "Porsche Carrera S" !

    ...a different "Cockpit" inspired shot!

    Pentillie, is situated just over the boarder from Devon, and is a Castle set in its own extensive grounds, with its own great drive, providing the back drop of the Hill Climb!
    The Hill Climb, is a basic "Time Trial" and various cars from different groups, have timed trials to see who is the quickest!
    There were some amazing cars competing and some great cars on display too.





    ...E Type


    ...there were some great cars participating on the hill climb and in the car park
    These were just in the car park!!!

    ...some cars outside the Castle.

    ...some wrist shots!!!!


    ...BR03-94 Commando

    ...Vintage Sport 126

    ...Vintage 126 Carbon

    ...WW1 Big Date

    ...BR02-94 RG

    ...the Team!

    ...the glamorous Emma and Lawrence!!!

    ...Oli and myself!
    Thank you to Greenwoodstudio.co.uk for the portraits.

    Thanks to Michael Spiers, Bell & Ross and Pentillie for the event, organisation and a great time.
    Simon C
    ...follow me on 'twitter' & instagram @SimonCudd,

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    Great report Simon!

    My fav watch was the 03-94 Commando and the 03-94 Emma was wearing is certainly stunning!

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    Thanks for all the support Si, those are some superb pics of the weekend! I'm still in love with that Rose & Carbon 02....I know it's a bit pimp but I can't help myself! Here's to next year mate!! ;-)

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    Thanks for posting, interesting photos, My eyes were drawn to the 3rd to last photo, I think the ‘&’ symbol on Emma’s left shoulder caught my eye.

    Oh and the gold\DLC or PVD 02 caught my eyes too, do not see many photos of those.

    And the MK 5 Cortina in amongst the exotics stood out too.
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    awesome pics, thanks for sharing...

    In anything at all, perfection is finally attained not when there is no longer anything to add, but when there is no longer anything to take away.

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