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    BlackBadger hit again

    Guys, you already know we have some talented guys here on the forum, they exercise their skills in different domains such as straps, jewels, materials, pictures, internet things...
    James aka. Blackbadger is one of them, expert in composite material work, you probably crossed few of his creations (rings, buckles). James did something special for me that i want to share with you, but before posting pictures i wanted to thank him for this incredible piece that i really love.

    James you are a BOSS, thank you very much my friend!

    A while back, we talked about a little project i had in mind, but he was about to go back to Canada for vacations, so project on stand by and actually forgot about it, until Tat's comes to the boutique to drop me a little surprise James sent him with buckles of their new project.

    Now its at home, im pleased to discover my new Blackbadger toy, hope you will appreciate it as much as i do

    YES you are correctly seeing it, its in Sidecut Carbon Fiber. YES its not round,so NO its not a new ring. Its a wonderful keeper hihih

    This Keeper is very well made, fits perfectly on my rubber strap.

    Size and shape are kinda different from the OEM one, and despite the more important thickness is pretty confortable to wear.

    Always loved that material, and especially the reflections it can take with light.

    My new solid keeper is fantastic and will compliment the Phantom. Contrast with black case, white rubber, black keeper and black buckle will be great.

    Huge Thanks to James for his work and kindness.
    Thanks for reading. Cheers !

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    looks great!!!
    ....hopefully something similar for me when James gets back from Canada!
    Simon C
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    cool as black ice.

    Perhaps he can make a few of those keepers for custom leather straps too and at different widths.

    I am positive there would be quite a demand for such keepers.

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    looks for good pic.
    designer jewelry watches charm

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    Thanks Gudzyy, very interesting stuff !
    great work James
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