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    Custom strap from The Strap Smith by Rob Montana

    I wanted to share some pictures of strap that i have just receive from The Strap Smith by Rob Montana.

    It's a custom built leather strap, i choose black leather because i don't want to change the original black rubber strap color. However i played a bit with the thread color , I choose Blue White and Red to resemble the France National Flag, the origin of B&R

    Nice packing along with greetings card

    Preparing for the surgery

    Strap off

    Some closer looks

    New strap is on and its look beautiful!!

    Close up view

    The buckle

    Blue - White - Red ~ France's National Flag Color

    Wrist shot

    I hope all BR0s enjoy my pic
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    Congrats on your new strap, looks great on the Radar!!!
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    like the strap, but never been a fan of the round holes and buckles.
    I would have had OEM style done, myself.
    Simon C
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    Killer combo!

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    Nicely done BRo, stitching in Blue, White and Red is a very good idea?
    Great combo, it works with your RR

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    very nice combo...."strap different " Steve BROG
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    Thanks for the comments BRos :-D ...

    I know it's a bit an unorthodox way to pick colorful strap stitches like this, all over this times I've been searching for the right strap, but it's kinda difficult for getting the correct one for my RR, due to its red dial. I thought if i only put red stitches on black leather, it will be too plain, red leather strap will be too flashy and all black leather will be not much different with the original rubber strap.

    So finally i came up with the idea to resemble France's flag, so there it goes, Blue-White-Red on black leather
    BR 01-92 Red Radar #658/999
    IWC Big Pilot 5004 DFB Edition #038/250
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