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    Calling all aviators! Any one for a ride in an F22 Raptor?

    Fresh from AirShow Down Under 2013, the F22 Raptor. Arguably the greatest ever military jet ever!...

    Although I attended this year's AirShow Down Under for business, I did manage to sneak a few shots during the Raptor's event. I just wish I took the full camera kit!. But I think I got the mood of the F22's simply awesome display.

    I hope you "aviators" enjoy the snaps.

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    Awesome Pictures!!!!!

    That is my favourite jet! I always loved it and ever since my wife did a project on the aerodynamics of the Raptor. I love it even more!!
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    Would definitely looove a ride in that beast..even if I'm sure that I'd vomite my lunch
    Great pictures BRo

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    amazing plane !
    nice pics
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    I got some shots at the MCAS Miramar from 2011 and 2010 on Flickr:

    2011: http://www.flickr.com/photos/stevedu...7627771557401/
    2010: http://www.flickr.com/photos/stevedu...7625099030924/

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    LOVE these pics!

    Aviation, certainly is a cool subject to photograph!

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    Such wonderful pictures... That Raptor is just amazing, sharp lines, aggresive look. Pfff awesome plane.
    I wish BR produce a BR01 inspired from this kind of plane

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