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    Bringing BR 03-94 to Melbourne, Australia

    My goal is to bring BR to Melbourne ( art/coffee/cafe capital ) of Australia.
    Brought my first BR (03-94 Carbon Chronograph) this year and totally love it.
    Unfortunately theres only one AD (actually a duty free store) in Melbourne, and to make it worse it only has a very selected range and in the middle of no where.
    After seeing all the original straps BR have to offer i wish there can be an e-boutique for Melbourne or even a bigger better AD.
    Hopefully my posts can spark enough interest to make that happen.

    ( hoping to put a green rubber strap on this, reckon it will match well )

    Enjoy the photos




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    love it XrayHiro!

    ...love the second pic!

    great little story!
    Simon C
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    congrats and welcome to the BROG !
    i look forward to viewing more pics of your iconic watch

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    Hope you get an actual AD store down there soon. G'Day

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    On an other hand, keep in mind you will be one of the rare person to wear this beautiful watch in Melbourne.

    Great piece mate!

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    I agree, being an Aussie myself, the absolute lack of b&r back home and the inability to shop online officially is sad (what do you want us to do b&r? buy grey market?? you are not really giving us an alternative!). That's why I am trying to get my fill while I'm living in Asia

    ... That said I can't say the majority of Australians see value in a pricey watch so perhaps the market for ADs is not there? Most Aussies if they have a spare $5k would probably rather buy a massive BBQ....or a holiday to Bali where they buy a fake watch because 'its the same thing'

    XrayHiro - if you want OEM straps, you could consider emailing one of the Asian b&r boutiques and seeing if they can arrange something for you? I have always found them very helpful. Other option is email the one AD in Sydney and see if they can order?

    Good luck!
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