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    Air show: Celebrating 1913- 2013 Saint-Dizier, France.

    Saint-Dizier/France/May 2013

    Bell & Ross partners the centenary of the Saint-Dizier-Robinson Air Base.

    The Saint-Dizier air field is celebrating its centenary this year, despite being very much rooted in the 21st century since it is home to the 113 Air Base, assigned the jewel in the crown of the French Air Force – the Rafale.

    Bell & Ross, whose collections are inspired by the history of aviation, was present to celebrate.
    To mark the event, a private day dedicated to aeronautics was organised at BA 113, presided over by General Denis Mercier, Chief of Staff of the French Air Force (CEMAA).

    To round off the day, guests were invited to a dinner-dance in a hall decorated for the occasion, the dance floor being flanked by the insignia of squadrons past and present. At the end of the evening, a prize draw was held for the lucky winner of a BR03 Type Aviation.

    Inaugurated in St Dizier in 1913, the Robinson “landing station” played a key role in military aviation during the 1914-1918 war.
    Famous names have helped shape its impressive history, the most famous of all being Major Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

    Over time the airfield would become civil, military and at one point German before being assigned to NATO and finally taking its current form as an air base of leading importance.

    Following the end of the Second World War, from 1965 the base became an important part of the system of nuclear deterrence, being assigned in turn the Mirage IVA, Jaguar and Rafale.

    Today, more than 1950 civilian and military staff work and contribute to the strategic functions of BA 113’s five Rafale squadrons.

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    thanks for sharing....hope you enjoy the event !

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    Nice event, nice pictures.
    Bad weather but certainly full of emotion.
    Thanks Si!!

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