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    B&R Titanium Space 3 Chronograh

    Good afternoon to all! I just purchased a vintage B & R titanium space 3 chrono, does anyone know what chron movement was used? Val. 7750??

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    where are you from ?
    could you introduce yourself ,
    could you post pics or it doesn't exist ?

    btw, welcome to this forum....
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    Hi Doug,

    Welcome to this forum!
    If I remember well, you're right, that's a Valjoux 7750.

    Post up some pics ASAP please..

    Regards from FRance

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    If you can feel the mouvement on your wrist, yes its a 7750

    The rotor spins quickly on this movement and generally a fast movement of your wrist make the watch vibrate a bit. like it when i wear mine

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    Hi B&R friends
    I am new to this forum and just came to B&R through the vintage soace 3 titanium I recently bought. I am wearing various IWC, Rolex and other brands but no other watch has so much simplicity United in one product.

    Does any of you know who manufactured this watch at that time for B&R ? I believe this watch was created before the B&R team have started to fund their own production or ?
    Looking forward to your reply


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