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    is my BRAND new BR03-94 Heritage Chronograph sweeping second hand broken?

    Hello room,

    I am a brand new owner of a BR03-94 Heritage Chronograph. I love the watch and it is even more beautiful in person than in the catalog. I've been carefully inspecting the watch before fully deciding to wear it and I noticed one thing. I attached the photo.

    If you look at the left '30 minute' dial, the dial hand is perfectly straight, pointing straight up north. However, if you look at the large sweeping second hand (positioned at the number 12), the sweeping second hand is one tick off from center. Once you reset the chronograph function, it resets one tick too far to the right.

    I've looked at 'images' of other B&R chronograph watches while doing a Google search and noticed that 50% of the watches reset perfectly, pointing straight north and the other 50% reset one tick off center like my watch.

    Do you have this same issue? Eventually, I will have to take the watch in to get overhauled, will the overhaul fix this? If you've had this issue, was yours fixed? Is this common? Was it a manufacturing oversight?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Hi SF, welcome here and congrats on your Heritage.
    You're right, it's half a millimeter but it exists.
    It can be easily fixed by servicing (under warranty) and it'll last 4 weeks without your beauty.
    Or you can live with it...

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    Hi Kronofred,

    Thank you so much for your reply! My biggest concern is that it is permanent and that it can't be fixed. I really want to avoid sending it back-and-forth, and back-and-forth.

    However, I know in a few years I will have to send it in for an overhaul, sounds like this problem can be corrected during the overhaul, right?

    Again, thank you for your reply and I hope to one day catch up to you and your collection!

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