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    Exclamation Steel Bracelet Strap for BR126 Original Black

    Hello BR Team!
    I'm looking for my BR126 Original Black @2009 the Steel Bracelet Strap, but unfortunately, I can't find any information about this accessory on BR website, and more over I can't buy this original straps in Russia for normal price less 1K$ with leadtime less than 3-4 month.
    May be you can assist me and you will send me the partcode and recommended price for this accessory OR show me the retailer in Italy in Milano or in Finland (Helsinki) who have it on stock now or will have in January? in Russia, maybe?!

    Best regards,

    p/s/ to be owner of BR watches in Russia not easy, BUT a very pleasure!!!

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    Hi Alexei, Welcome here!
    Can't help you more than this.. know that this bracelet is sold 450 € in FRance. Think that you have to schedule a trip to Paris!

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    Thanks for reply and for invitation to Paris . I love this wonderful city! My straps were alive when last May I visited France.
    I saw this bracelet in Munich for 375Euro, but it was on watches and seller refused this sale
    If BR ratailers will read this post, guys I ready to prepay this bracelet for quick shipment till 4th Jan 2013 to Kotka in Finland.


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