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    Hello everyone! I'm new to B&R having just acquired a BR 03-92S Green GI Joe!

    Hi everybody!

    I'm new (Hailing from Singapore) to this B&R family, after just having acquired a pre-loved BR03-92 Steel Green (GI Joe) watch last night.

    I have the following questions on it as I am not able to find much info on the watch ...

    1. Is it a limited edition watch? I''ve seen some online sellers proclaiming it to be limited to 500 pieces
    2. Are there any reviews on this watch?
    3. When was the watch launched ?
    4. Any idea what the initial price was?

    Anyway am loving the watch as it is really unique with the khaki dial and hoping to learn more of B&R watches from all the experts here.



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    welcome to this place Lance,

    please, post pics ASAP or it doesn't exist !
    look forward to welcoming you to the BROG

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    pic it up and i'm sure the help will flood in

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