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Thread: Br 01 92 Steel

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    Br 01 92 Steel

    Dear Bell&Ross,

    My father's birthday is approaching and as he is a huge aviation fan, I would like to buy him a watch inspired by cockpits.

    I saw your BR 01-92 Steel. I am not such a fan of this square form. However, I saw that Bremont also does aviation watches for a less expensive price.

    Could you please explain me what distinguishes Bell&Ross from Bremont and why should I buy your watch?

    I thank you very much for your help.

    Best regards,

    the watchlover

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    Hi Watchlover,

    Welcome to this forum.

    As you say you are searching for a “watch inspired by cockpits”, the BR 01-92 is truly just that. One of the Bell & Ross philosophies is ‘from cockpit to the wrist.’

    This is why the BR 01-92 is pure and simple and has no date window as with the cockpit flight instrumentation; also this is why the watch takes on the square form.

    This is also why Bell & Ross choose to use black PVD on the BR 01-92 so as not to cause reflections and thus not interfering or distracting from telling the time. This feature also has been adopted from the cockpit instrument panel.

    Of course there is the choice of the “Steel” version which you have seen for those that prefer a dressier look.

    If one was to choose the PVD example the PVD may wear in time to further resemble an ageing cockpit instrument panel and this is all part of the design and will add character to your watch in many years to come.

    Not everyone may choose the cockpit square formed watch and this is why Bell & Ross offer many other unique designs to choose from that are also very much aviation inspired.

    These models are located under the “Vintage” category on the Bell & Ross official website, perhaps there is a watch within this selection that may appeal to you.

    I hope this information proves useful to you in choosing a watch for your father’s special day.

    All the best.

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    Price isn't the subject... IWC does aviation watches too, but for twice more!
    As Six said, Bell & Ross motto is "From dashboard to the wrist" and nothin' looks more aviation than the BR01-92... except the Flight Instruments perhaps.

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    Well said Six!
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    well say six & Fred
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