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    Typo and confusion in 03-92 manual

    Hi Guys,

    Two things I noticed in my manual as well as the manual on the website.

    1. The English info lists case on 03-92 as 46mm, not 42mm like the other languages in the same manual.

    2. My question- it says to wind the crown 40 rotations for a full charge and that there is no stopper to prevent too much pressure on the winder. What does this mean exactly? I always thought automatic watches had a slip clutch or something to prevent too much winding for the spring. Is this a poor translation, or can my 03-92 be overwound to the point of damage?

    Thanks for any help!

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    No worry, you can't overwind cause movement is protected.
    It means that if you mind more than 40 rotations, crown will continue to turn but it won't wind anymore

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