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    Broken rubber strap for BR02

    Can you please let me know if B&R are doing anything abouth their faulty rubber straps?

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    Good evening all,

    I am new to this forum.

    I was looking exactly for this kind of topic. Any feedback regarding the broken rubber strap?

    photo 2.jpg

    The band on the picture has been deliberately broken into many pieces but originally, a few days ago, it just simply broke into 2-3 pieces while cleaning it !

    The strap has been purchased in 2007. It has been years since the strap had not been worn but kept away from sun and heat...

    To be more accurate in my description, it actually breaks like thick cardboard or ... a cold chocolate bar
    But no more flexibility at all

    Thanks for your comments ... any similar experiments?
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    BR 03-92 Carbon (2007)

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