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    Focus 6 by GI José : The Vintage line

    Even if this year BR capitalize on its emblematic collection, they didnt forget the vintage range. Beside the WW1 Guynemer that i mentionned in the focus 5, 3 new models are completing the existant collection. Lets begin with the “simplest” model of them :

    The new Vintage 126 Insignia

    Nothing really innovating in that model, started from a V126 carbon 41mm case, BR develop a new version in limited editions with military badges.
    I can hear some of you telling there’s nothing exciting on here, and i partially agree, but despite the first impression i think there are some interest.
    Firstly because BR wanted to commemorate crucial dates related to the world wars (centenary of the first one, 75yrs of the second one), and that after the ww1 guynemer related to the first one, they created this one in commemoration of the second period (those badges were used on planes during the war).
    There’s also an interest for collectors, those models will be limited in small numbers (50 or 100pcs was still to define), moreover they will be limited to different national areas --- french badge only availble in France, italian one available in Italy, etc...

    Used to my Officer, i think the 41mm size is good (even if the lugs are a bit long IMO), the domed glass is just so cool, and that touch of color brings something contrasting on the classical black and white dial.

    Few official demands have been made before Baselworld, but all of them were not yet validated, so it will be impossible to list all the national badges used for this Ltd. Here are few examples seen during the fair.

    Second Focus, The Vintage 123 GMT

    This time, we are facing a real noveltie in the round collection. I believe the last gmt in that shape was probably the Space3. This little complication was missing in the Vintage range, we can find one in the square shape with BR01 or 03 but no round. Steel case slightly bigger in 42mm, we can find the same finition work with polished faces and satined faces, a 24h graduated bezel for the gmt function, and a black dial with central hands + date.

    Some of you will see a similar design as the Rolex Explo GMT, i will see a similar design to the BR0193GMT, but everybody has different point of view. I think in that king of simple design, it will be very difficult to create a real innovation, and knowing that every watch might look like an other one.

    Finally on the wrist, its confortable while bigger than a regular vintage, you can really feel the difference of size.

    Third and last focus, my favorite of the 3 new vintage : the V126 Sport Heritage GMT & Flyback

    before starting i want to appologize cause hurried during the presentation (too many watches to shoot in short time) i didnt really have the time to focus on that model, and only have one wristshot to propose. But i will come back and post other pictures as soon as i can.

    Last year, BR spoiled us with a super V126 Flyback, they do it again this year with a limited edition to 500pcs. Real compromise between the V126 Sport for the case with upper gratuated bezel (this time tachometer), the V126 Flyback for the functionality and size case 43mm, and finally the Golden Heritage color theme.
    On have here a Dubois Depraz module with flyback chronograph and gmt function on the subdial at 9. There is a small quick setting button at 10 for the gmt.
    Dial balance is good despite the busy information, the golden heritage color theme is still wonderful especially the dial with that special black color including brown reflections.
    Only regret for me (probably due to the mvt specifications), the case is kinda thick and im sure it might disturb some of you.

    On the wrist, the result is breathtaking, its clean well balanced with beautiful colors. Only the thickness would make me think twice before buying it.

    Last Focus to come, a real strong BR theme ………..

    BR01 92 | 93 | 94 | 97 | Airborne --- BR-X1
    Pilot Sapphire Chasse Embarquee et 10th Anniversary
    Exclusive trio R.A.I.D
    (gone : 01-92SS Black, 02-94SS, 01-92Radar, Officer 123 silver, 03-94 héritage,0196 white,BR02CF)

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    thanks Gudzyy,
    very interesting, nice pics, lots of details.
    In anything at all, perfection is finally attained not when there is no longer anything to add, but when there is no longer anything to take away.

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    This new 126 GMT Flyback is soooooo sexy.
    How many brands are able to produce those two complications on a watch? Not so much!!!

    BR126 Sport Héritage GMT & Flyback
    WW2 Regulateur Officer
    BR01-92 Ltd Compass RoseGold & Carbon
    BR01-92 Ltd Carbon Fiber
    BR01-92 Ltd Airborne II
    BR01-92 Ltd Burning Skull
    BR01-92 Ceramic
    BR01-94 SS White
    BR01-94 Pro Ti

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    Once again thanks for the report and photos, well done.

    The model that really grabs my attention and would be the one I would like to own in the above selection is the PVD 01 GMT, but as we all know that is far from new.

    But still it is my absolute favorite over these new and limited editions and I would be proud to own this.

    Not sure if I could wear one of the Ltd insignia models unless I have or had involvement with the military for which I have not; or at least closely related to someone that is/was.

    I can almost hear the question now if I owned one, “Excuse me are you in the air force?” or "Have served in the air force?” or “Are you involved with the military?” etc.

    For these reasons I could not justify owning them (especially as a daily wearer), they just seem a bit too ’personal’ to me for lack of a better word.
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    In anything at all, perfection is finally attained not when there is no longer anything to add, but when there is no longer anything to take away.

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