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    Date window question br03

    I posted this on Br-avo.com but want to see if more opinions exist here. Original thread is http://www.br-avo.com/forum/showthre...-question-BR03

    This post is an information-dump of what I know so far, just pasted my posts into one here. Wondering how common this is.

    Just got my new br03... First one had a scratch and a spec of something in the glass, AD noticed it and returned for me. So the new one shows up (pictured), everything seems perfect but when I move the date past "20" I can see a tiny bit of the next day in the window. Is this normal on the BR03?

    Image below, really don't want to have this thing swapped out again :/


    Little update... Today is the 22nd and it's pretty easy to see the small corner of tomorrow in the date window, for me at least. It's the ittyest littlest bit, if I tilt the watch down I can't even see it, and head-on it's a mere spec. I'm a little bit OCD but I think I can live with it. From spending hours digging on Instagram I notice a few of the military ceramics have this date window alignment thing happening, less common on steel models. Tough thing is finding images close up enough and they need to have certain dates to show it. But plenty of BR03's don't show any of the next day, so it seems to be a thing where BR is maybe a bit inconsistent in placing the date wheel. My crown also seems a hair crooked, basically you can slide a piece of paper under one side but not the other, talking literally a hair off...

    My AD confirmed that on some of their br03 models you can see a tiny spec of the next day after "20" if you look closely. I'll chalk it up to nothing on Earth being truly 'perfect' I guess, although I will say my Panerai was perfect when new, can't think of anything else that's been as perfect as that. When I got my BR01-96 it had a warped rubber strap, and some of the hex screws on the back seem a little off. I've always maintained that BR is an awesome brand, I truly love their designs, but with so many screws and separate pieces composing the watch there seems to be greater room for manufacturing errors than with, say for example a Panerai 112.

    I've heard plenty of stories about Rolex's having crooked dials and dust under the glass when new, so I'm not picking on BR at all. I guess I'd just think for the price they'd get this date thing aligned the same way on all watches. But I can also see how on this design, with such a small circular window, that it's a bit tricky. I'll probably just not look at it closely towards the end of the month, but seeing several others like this on Instagram confirms it's pretty common, primarily on the green ceramic models.

    Also providing another pic and updated findings:
    Here's a head-on image of it.

    I also noticed 3 different users on Instagram with green ceramics had the same exact issue, by what appears to be the same amount. Keep in mind all 3 were photos showing a date after "20", no clue how many others photographed on all the other days of the month would show the same thing. The odds of finding a green ceramic up close enough on Instagram with the right date range for this are pretty slim, bear in mind that from 2 feet away it's invisible... I guess the fact I found 3 separate users, with the same exact model watch, showing the same exact issue at least makes me feel a little better about it. :?
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