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    Steel or Ceramic ?

    Hey there i'm Ben,

    thats my first Thread, so i hope i'm doing it all right 
    I'm really close to buy a br 03-92 carbon but stuck now on the br 03-92 black matte after i saw the pics from the baselworld 2014.

    I'm afraid of having hundreds of small scratches through the PVD finish one day. I would think that's not gonna happen to the ceramic black matte or am i wrong? Would really wanna know what's the difference here. Could be also cool to have a used steel watch with some, let's call it patina, by time...

    Does someone have experience with the black matte? Maybe not, it's still to new right?

    And can someone tell me if the actual 03-92 carbon have a blue illumination by night? And what about the lume from the Black Matte? I googled a loooooot but i'm still not 100% clear about it. Whats your favorite? I really love it with blue.

    Thanks for helping me out! I'm really nervous and excited to buy a bell & ross and just want to clear all options :P

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    Ceramic is a scratchproof material, and its totally tinted in the mass so you can not alterate the material. Yes the BR03-92 Black matte is a very new product so you wont have a lot of feedback on it, but few member have the green or blue ceramic released 2-3yrs ago and they obviously are kinda satisfied of it. black matte will be the same

    PVD is a strong coating but with a little accident you can scratch it. Im part of those you think that a well patined pvd is nice and bother me, but in the last step its up to you.

    For the lume coating i would say light green in both case.

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