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    BR01-92 black ceramic 46mm how to change the watch strap?

    I purchased a new BR01-92 black ceramic 46mm watch while vacationing in ST. Barts. I tried changing out the watch strap with the tools that came with the watch but they did not fit. The tools that came with the watch are for some type of screw. The watch that I purchased uses a push pin type of mechanism. Did I purchase a fake watch? Or did I get the wrong box & tools? Any assistance would be appreciated.

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    Hi BRo,
    The BR01 Ceramic is the only BR01 which doesn't need the BR hexagonal keys for strap changing.
    A paper clip will do the job while getting a Bergeon tool (or the BR02 tool).
    That's not a fake

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    pics ASAP, please or it doesn't exist

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