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    BW2014: new perspective...

    The watches on show...

    Its amazing what a fresh pair of eyes, a different surrounding and away from the pressure of a watch fair brings.
    It brings you more time for one, avoiding the constraints of an ‘appointment’, time to be at one with the subject you are studying…

    I am talking about the new Bell & Ross Baselworld 2014 Novelties, of course!
    The 20 or so minutes that I and a colleague at Basel had on that Friday morning, slip into insignificance, now I come to think of it, as I myself had well over an hour on my own with these timepieces, undisturbed and pressure free.

    The white dialled BR03-90 Steel & Rose Gold

    The BR03-90 Rose Gold with that smoked dial...

    Actually I got to see several of the watches that I hadn't seen at Basel, that passed me by.
    For one I hadn't really experienced the all new BR03 Ceramic collection, consisting of those core Commando, Phantom and Heritage range, the first of the black ceramics that are replacing the old PVD models or the Rose gold BR03-90, with its smoked dial hiding the movement and featuring quite a different look…

    Those Ceramics…




    Carbon…all with their new hands, indices and dials.

    Orange Carbon, the last of the PVD's.

    Also whats great about re-visiting a collection of watches, is that you feel different about them and have had time to digest them through adverts, images and various posts across those social media or advertising platforms.

    The watch that I was instantly drawn to on Friday, was in fact one that kind of slipped me by a few months ago…I’m talking about the Vintage BR123 GMT 24H, with that little mix of sporty elegance, that nod to past with that orange GMT hand and those new indices. It felt great on and looked cool on the rubber and will change its appearance for sure dressed up in leather or going nato…

    Bell & Ross have indeed made measures to improve on several counts, their straps seem better, the quality of hands and dials shine through and the recognition that the BR03 (at present) requires that slightly harder, tougher ceramic case as opposed to the older PVD steel case of yesteryear.

    I’m certainly not biased in any way now, I no longer work for B&R and actually chose to leave for fresh pastures, but since I left, things have definitely changed. May be because my judgement was clouded, may be because now I have been exposed to many other watches and brands, but I feel that B&R have stepped up a gear for sure. They are indeed rocketing along very nicely indeed….

    The new Steel BR03 line-up with the BRS

    The Vintage 126 Air Force Insignia

    Vintage 126 Sport Heritage Flyback

    WW1 Guynemer

    Hope you enjoyed the newer pics.
    Thanks to B&R...
    Simon C
    ...follow me on 'twitter' & instagram @SimonCudd,

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    Thank you very much for your detailed report and photos Simon, appreciated.

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    The “Bell & Ross” lettering in gold on the dial of the BR03-90 Rose Gold smoked dial seems to be elevated about the dial face as you can see the shadowing under it.

    Is this correct, is it somehow suspended above the dial in space?

    Perhaps lying on a thin slice of smoked glass above the dial?
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    This applied 3D logo is so impressive.
    The same than for the SS & RG but you're right Six, the smoked dial makes all the difference!

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    More and more I want a 126

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    Thanks Si for the report 👍
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    Loving them all.....great stuff Simon. Sport Heritage & White Dial 03/90 sublime!!!!
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    As usual, you have made a great job Simon.

    Your close up shot of the BR03 steel/RG is just .... gorgeous!!!

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    123 GMT, yes please!!! Great post Simon.
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