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    BR 123 Sport Heritage going too fast

    I noticed that my BR123 is going too fast. I am an air traffic controller so have very precise time machines at work and the time difference was 2 minutes in 10 hours time. How is it possible ?

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    Magnetised? Since your around a lot of electrical equipment that might result in it. I think a service is required if its 2min in 10 hours.

    Good luck. I'm sure other BROs can direct you to getting it serviced if you need help.

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    If under warranty, it needs to be serviced asap.
    Strong magnetic fieds or a little shock may cause that kinda problem.

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    agree with BRo's

    keep us inform please
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    I sent my 01-94 in because it was running fast. I don't have it back as of yet, but, it appears it is being handled under warranty. I would send it in as suggested. Good luck!

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