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    126 Geneva Questions

    Hi All

    I have recently bought a pre-owned 126 Geneva. It came without papers which has obviously put me on edge

    Could anyone please have a look to see if they think it's authentic please? Also, does anyone have an idea on the age?

    The serial number is 130.S10919

    Also, what size strap would I need?

    Many Thanks

    $_57 (1).jpg$_57 (2).jpg$_57 (3).jpg$_57.jpg

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    100% genuine imho
    For straps, think it's 20/18 but not sure!
    Welcome to the BROG btw

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    It would be a VERY good copy if it wasn't genuine. It's a gorgeous watch

    Thanks for the welcome. Hopefully I can build a collection like yours

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    Did they ever replicate models such as this?

    I agree, it would have to be an outstanding replica, especially with that case back and decorated movement.

    Enjoy your new Bell & Ross.

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    SOO Vintage !
    congrats for your purchase & welcome to the BROG...
    look forward to viewing more pics...

    Wristshot please...

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    Vintage....Classic.....and Perfect.
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