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    How to set Chronograph 12 hour totalisator on BR 01-94?

    Hi everyone,

    Is the Chronograph 12 hour totalisator a second time zone just like the GMT? Please explain of how does it work and how do i set it. My watch is the BR 01-94 Chronograph carbon.


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    It counts time of your chronograph from 1h to 12h.
    No gmt function

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    on the 01 chronograph, you have 3 informations about the chronograph time :
    - seconds from 1-60 on the central hand
    - minutes from 1-30 on the left sub dial
    - hours from 1-12 on the bottom sub dial

    Unfortunately if your hour sub dial is not properly set on 0 when your chronograph is off, you have to send it for service cause you will not be able to set it by yourself.

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