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Thread: Overwind??

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    Hi Everyone,
    I recently purchased my first B&R - a WW1 Guynemer - and am enjoying it very much. A great look and highly "readable" for my 65 year old eyes. Unlike a couple of other watches I own (Bremont and Chopard the B&R manual specifically states that the watch has no "stop" or protection against over winding. If I'm not going to wear the watch for a day or two I'd like it to continue to run so I'll give it a good wind before I put something else on my wrist. So my question is: how do I know when I'm getting close? I'd like together the maximum out of the power reserve but I certainly don't want to do any damage. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi mate,

    Great watch, and great respect to history. If i remember correctly, the manual recommends 40 winds tops and at full charge its about 2 days power reserve. I'm very conscious about over winding too so usually if its not on my wrist for 24 hours i just do a 15 to 20 tops wind to keep it going.

    Hope this helps and i'm sure more BRo's will have better ideas.

    PS - welcome to the forum.

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