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    Introducing myself and my new B&R acquisition BR03-94 orange carbon limited edition

    Hello to All
    oli here from London ; but french , seems to be a trend at the moment although i have been here for 14 years ...

    been grabbing info from you guys for a while now and thought my new B&R deserve to be shown and shared (in pictures) over here .
    plus i am very proud of it !!

    i came to Bell & Ross from a different route than most and didnot started the square love till later.
    my first love ( still faithful to it ) is the BR02 ( carbon 92) but could not resist when the call came in from an AD ( thanks a lot Dan and Kevynn) that a BR03-94 orange carbon just came to be available ...
    call came in on saturday , needless to say it was on my wrist at 11am on monday

    great number as well i guess 25/250 ,
    anyway here it s in pictures
    looking forward to an amazing time over here and to meet passionate Bell & Ross aficionados

    Just got hold of a bandRbands white embossed leather strap ( orange on the way ) to give a try before forking the £280 asked for the OEM one
    what do you think work best ?
    black rubber/ orange canvas / white leather ?
    orange canvas is great for everyday wear , i think is quiet a "fashion statement " and would work best with casual look ( jeans / white trainers / white belt ) but would like to get a strap that would give it more of a dress watch look ( hard i know ..)

    lume shot next to my diver. i honestly would have thought the diver would stand out in terms of lume but nope , looks the same to me ...

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    Hi Oli, welcome aBoaRd!!
    Glad to chat with a FRenglish
    Congrats for this very nice BR03, have to admit that combo with the white gator is just perfect!!
    Cool pix by the way...
    Best regards from FRance

    BR126 Sport Héritage GMT & Flyback
    WW2 Regulateur Officer
    BR01-92 Ltd Compass RoseGold & Carbon
    BR01-92 Ltd Carbon Fiber
    BR01-92 Ltd Airborne II
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    BR01-94 SS White
    BR01-94 Pro Ti

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    welcome and congrats on the new ltd - I have 136/250 and normally wear it on the OEM rubber at the office, orange canvas on the weekends or a bandrbands balistic with orange stitch. There are several combinations that go great with this watch - wearing mine today on OEM rubber.

    Glad to have you onboard!
    BR 01-92 SS
    BR 01-94 Carbon
    BR 03-92 Carbon Blue
    BR 03-51 Carbon
    BR 03-94 Carbon Orange LTD

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    Welcome friend....great buy......
    01/94 Carbon Fiber .......................Limited Edition
    01/94 Carbon Fiber Phantom .......Limited Edition
    01/92 Flight Instrument Horizon...Limited Edition
    01/92 Ceramic
    WW1-97 Reserve de Marche

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    Bonjour Oli(vier?)

    Congrats, nice watch! And welcome here.

    A bientôt,

    First: BRV123 Commando
    Last: BR 01-92 Skull Bronze
    Next: BR ??

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    welcome HOME,
    and welcome to the BROG (not the FROG)

    look forward to viewing more pics.


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    Welcome Oli, congrats for this awasome watch !
    BR 02-92 Pro Dial
    BR 03-92 Steel

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    Welcome Oli!!! Great new addition!! I really am falling for this piece.
    BR 01-96 White Dial
    BR 01-93 GMT
    BR 02-92 Pro Dial
    Instagram @armidoro1

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