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    Bell and Ross Warranty Questions

    Hi All BRos,

    Unfortunately my 03-94 needs to be looked at, gaining 1min per day...but still under warranty.
    On that note, was just wondering if its common to contact authorised service centres directly and if so what are peoples experience with it. If the watch was sent directly to authorised service centre with warranty card, was it a pretty straight forward process of the watch being repaired and all repair/service cost covered under warranty?

    Would love some guidance on this topic.

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    Is it not easier to take it back to AD where you bought it and let them send it?
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    yes, but they are a bit shady, they short changed me the nato strap and told me it does not come with it when i first purchased the watch, so i prefer not to have anything to do with them again.

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    Bell and Ross Warranty Questions

    When I had an issue with my 03-94 it was out of warranty, but I simply emailed the B&R service center in Miami and they were quite helpful and friendly. Sending it that way, I had to pay for shipping to them.

    Any real AD should accept the watch and ship it to B&R directly (I believe free of cost if it's under warranty).

    That said, you might just want to bring it to a dealer that's familiar with nice watches. If it's just gaining a lot of time, it might not need any adjustment, it might just need to be de-magnetized.
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    Totally agree with Sean!

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    well say Sean !

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    Any watchmaker can fix magnetization very easily. You can also buy a de-magnifier cheaply off Amazon.com and do it yourself. If you have a compass, you can check to see if the watch appears to be magnetized.

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