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    Help please with a new BR-01-97 Climb !! :(

    While trying to change straps to the nylon, the end cap on the pin broke right off - Unbelievable!!! The other pin unscrewed fine.

    Any ideas where to get a replacement pin to screw in and attach this strap? Bought second-hand from a guy I know well, so it's an authentic B&R, he just didn't like the size/weight after trying it so I traded a Longines for it for the Climb uniqueness. Think an AD location in the area would have pins for straps for this Climb BR01-97?


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    Hi Jeff,

    You can order those pins on your e-store or directly at your nearest AD (if you live in a country where there isn't e-store...).
    Don't forget to specify it's for a 01 PVD !!!!!!!
    You can buy a set : 4 pins + 2 bars (64€ in FRance) on e-store : reference : SET-BR01-CARBONE
    If you just want a pin, ask your AD, it costs around 10€ each
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    yay! Thanks!

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    BROG spirit,
    well done Fred

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    don't forget photos Jeff!

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