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    BR02 Rubber Crown Sleeves.


    The 2 rubber notched sleeves that fit around the crowns of my BR02 are worn and deforming. After adjusting the time yesterday I tried winding the crown back in and I thought I was cross treading the crown but it was the rubber sleeve that was turning off on an angle and deforming. The rubber sleeves are very malleable and worn now and easy to roll of the crowns.

    I guess this is proof that I wear the watch 24/7 and is my number one watch.

    Anyway my question to you Bros, would you know where or even if I could purchase these rubber sleeves? We do not have an AD in New Zealand so I cannot ask any retailer here and I am reluctant to send the watch (at this point in time) internationally for a service just so I can have the 2 little sleeves replaced.

    Is there any service centre internationally that may post these items out, perhaps contact Bell & Ross direct? But I do not know if Bell & Ross or their service centres allows you to buy spare parts like this without servicing the watch?

    Any ideas or information?


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    Hi Six13,

    We have just forwarded your message to our Service Centre in Paris.
    As soon as we get the reply, we forward it to you

    Best regards,


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    Well done mister WM

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    Thank you very much WB, most appreciated.

    If you think message is of a private nature you can sent me a private message if you prefer.

    Many thanks.

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