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    Bomb(ing) around Paris...

    Lunch and introduction to my purchase at (one) of my favourite restaurants for nostalgic reasons, RICCI.

    I popped over to catch up with a few of the French BR0's for a dinner/drinks and discovered I had two GTG's to attend!
    The main reason of course was to pick up my new WW2 "Bomber" (yes, it'll always be called that to me, before B&R changed it to Heritage Regulator!).

    A little shopping and coffee...

    I fell in love with this watch after its 2012 Basel release, and knew I wanted one.
    I seemed to be jinxed whilst at B&R because I couldn't have one for one or another reasons! Anyway here we are 4 years later...and I now have it.

    A few pics around Paris...

    A little wrist shot before heading home with the Watchak clan!!!

    A couple of days and nights and the Eurostar home...

    Bomber and WHAAM

    Setting the scene
    Simon C
    ...follow me on 'twitter' & instagram @SimonCudd,

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    Really like the result on the NATO. Very cool watch, underestimated unfortunately!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gudzyy View Post
    Really like the result on the NATO. Very cool watch, underestimated unfortunately!
    Or fortunately... I have just joined the ranks too and it's so rare it goes with everything, loving the strap....

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    Love this bomber

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    welcome back Simon !
    love the last pic...

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    Simon posts are very inspiring. Especially the BR ones. Proud of you buddy! Keep it up!

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    The bomber is such a cool watch - I'd love to see one in person. We don't have one at the 2 ADs in Michigan (at last check anyway) but I have wanted to see the color of the dial up close since I saw the first pictures of it.

    Congrats on the purchase!
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