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    GTG Le Bourget 2015 - part 1


    JB from BRgang french forum recently organised a gtg during the Paris Air Show Le Bourget (this past saturday) and after that excellent day spent all together, there were some pictures needed. I took plenty of them, made a selection but still have a ton.
    Didnt really know how to present them for the review, so i decided to create 2 different threat, one about us BR fans, a second one about the planes we saw during the day.
    Yes, we talk about something else than watches sometimes

    Thank you guys for those shared moments, and enjoyable day spent together.
    And thank you JB for organising it!

    Everything starts with a breakfast at place de la Madeleine in Paris, needed forces for this long day coming. Of course the first watch pictures came very quickly.

    Few of us made the decision to go there with car (they had more time so they visited the BR boutique Village Royal), we decided to take train.

    As soon as we arrive the guys started playing with event sponsor

    While waiting for the others to arrive, we started to visit the fair and arrived quickly on the Dassault Aviation booth where 2 Rafales were presented to public. Crazy plane, with crazy soft curves. I deeply wished i had the chance to go closer and visit the cockpit.

    Perfect timing, the Rafale air demo is about to start, come on guys all your heads up to see the show. That machine is incredible, that amazing sound is invading Le Bourget. It was kinda far but trust me when the reactors where facing your face you can hear a Sound wall rushing to your face. And what can i say about the pilot?! So talentuous, he perfectly pilots the plane just like it was a toy, it looked so simple.

    The guys are arrived, we have to join them. On our way, we met Antonin from BR Staff who, despite the recent event rush (London Boutique great opening + Le Bourget) was in good health.
    Now we are all arrived, discussions are starting about novelties, lots of laughs, pictures are taken, and as the weather was kinda hot it was time to have a dring before we get totally dry.

    Our friend Manu became a Flamant MD311 pilot for few moments.

    Great atmosphere, good group mood, and we are enjoying it to the fullest. And as we are also here to talk about watches, here are few models we wear during the event.

    The big star arrived just in time for the fair, was of course, Chris’ new coming piece, the BR03-94 Ltd RAFALE.

    And to close this first chapter, a groupshot we had the chance to make in front of the old Flamant MD311 arboring BR’s colors.

    Part.2, to be continued……..
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    great reporting as always Gudzyy. Wish i was there.

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    Thank You for this report plenty of great pics julien !
    I will post photos of before and after

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    Looks like a great time! I am trying to guess who is who Looks like a lot of great watches. Thanks for the update Gudzzy!!
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    Always great to see some friendly faces, having a good time.
    Thanks for sharing Gudzz

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    I love these shots - thanx for posting.

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    thanks for sharing
    well done Gudzyy
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    Tanks for this great report J. A good time with Bro's
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