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    GTG Le Bourget 2015 - part 3

    Sorry guys, but with all those pictures i had to create a third thread about planes just to put my Top3 under the spotlights.

    #1- Thee RAFALE. Of course, with BR partnership we talk a lot about that plane recently, and it brought us to take more informations about that one than other jetfighters. But in fact, that RAFALE is more, its a magnificent race machine with soft curves that inspire power and fluidity. Its beautiful to see, great to photograph. My only regret, i wasnt able to enter the booth and see the plane closer or the cockpit.

    In flight, the Rafale goes seriously fast, its agile and make tight turns. Recognisable thanks to its side wings. And that Noise !!!!

    #2- The FLAMANT MD311. I was talking about it in another thread, we had the chance to enter the booth of “l’amicale des avions anciens d’Albert”, thanks to Claude Mercier, who was sensitive to our passionate approach to BR. Indeed this aircraft carries the colors of our favorite brand. Its overall look, its retro charm, untouched patina inside were great points for me. A great time we had. Thank you again.

    Privilege, we were allowed to enter the plane, 3 people at the same time because of the weight. The space is small but very nice. In its original juice with the stripes, claws, wear. You may notice that the crew has the same goodies that we have

    #3- SWIFT TEAM. Second partner of choice for BR, the Swift Team which is a French aerobatic team flying on small aircraft Globe Swift GC-1B. They were kind enough to welcome us on their stand. Pilots Romain DEVEAUX and Frederic GRANDMOUGIN have granted us their time and sympathy to answer our questions. Their planes are small and powerful, are very agile and allow them the craziest things in flight. BR is the partner and is on the planes but also on giant blocks which serve as a slalom. Top notch some pilots carry BR watches and obviously keep them in flight.

    Many thanks to them for their time

    And here it is, it's over this time! Happy to have seen my friends, glad I could make you live this day if you could not join us.
    Strongly next event. Long life to BR community!


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    I love that jump suit!

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    Very cool event. +1 on the flight suits!
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    The Rafale rocks!!! Great report J, as always...

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    Fantastic pics of the Rafale Gudzyy - thanx again!

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    thank you Julien,
    love your reports (3)
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