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    Novelties announcment at BR HQ in Paris on June 24th

    For the evening news announcment, BR has invited some members of various french forums to make them discover the almost complete range for 2015 in a really friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

    I add my stone to the building and allows those who were missing to discover the event.

    Have you ever seen the inside of the HQ so I shall not dwell, but just do a wink to the numerous deco elements on the theme of aviation.

    In the evening menu, charcuterie and cheese platters. Some sweets then arrive.

    You know the love of Carlos for good cigars, that is often appreciated with a glass. To this end, an outside speaker has come forward very good rum Botran. His love and knowledge sweating passion for this drink. Some appreciated.

    William, the head watchmakers, was there answering all questions, just going back and removing the movement of a Vintage 126 Big Date Annual rose gold.

    For the anecdote, I asked William to make an accuracy test on my 01RAID who's turning 10 years without maintenance. Verdict more than positive + 2s / day.

    Then upstairs in a large office transformed into a conference room, we are entitled to a pictorial representation of the brand, its universe and the collection by Carlos himself. Without much to tell you, 2 gorgeous videos we are unveiled, they should be released very soon and believe me it sends heavy.

    Now that we've seen on the big screen, everyone is eager to discover in real life, you can approach them, try them. Direction the showroom.
    Showcases with many BR ahead, and all innovations are at our disposal to fittings and photos.

    The discussions are going well, everybody exchange, sharing, trying. This is a great opportunity to talk with the two founders, but also with the BR teams that have a different look necessarily ours. Big up to Sebastien who answered all questions about the technique and design.

    Of course, there is one, the making of Nemath shooting the BRX1 Forged Carbone Forgé.

    All these models are beautiful but there was much interest in those I call "Stars of the Year"
    The Vintage WW1 Edicion Limitada

    The BR01 Skull Bronze (thank you to Carla for bringing a model with patined case)

    The BRX1 Carbone Forgé and BRX1 Pink Gold

    The evening ended in front of the headquarters outside, talking in a relaxed atmosphere with Bruno and Carlos, is quietly enjoying a last cigar. A real nice evening without fuss, so accessible and enjoyable. Thank you all for its moments of exchange and a big thank you to BR for their flawless welcome.


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    Huuuuge report Gudzz !! Too bad I missed this event... Love your pics, fine and detailed. Many thanks for sharing

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    amazing. so jealous. every BR fan would wish to be there. Thanks for the report Julien.

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    Wonderful report...next year I'll be there

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    thanks for sharing Julien...fortunately you were at the HQ.
    amazing report !
    thans to Bell&Ross, special thanks to C. & B.
    In anything at all, perfection is finally attained not when there is no longer anything to add, but when there is no longer anything to take away.

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    Thank you for the report. Through your overview, I can try to vicariously experience these events.


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    Great review and many thanks! I would love to see so many models up close and personal!
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    Tremendous report Gudz!

    I hope to enjoy an event like this in New York again this year... Its always a treat to see the watches in a relaxed, fun environment

    Cheers B&R!
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    Awesome review BRo!!! I hope to be in Paris soon to meet all my BRo's there
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