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    WW-1 96 : Hour hand stops between 5 & 6.

    How about a Happy New Year to all for starters.

    Members of this forum have been most helpful with a previous, somewhat minor problem I experienced, so I'm hopeful of a similar outcome on this issue.

    I generally only remove the watch to bath and it seems to self wind without any manual input. This morning I awoke to find the watch had stopped. It indicated it was some time after 5.00 am and I proceeded to wind it. When I attempted to adjust the time/date to what it should read (today is the 2nd Jan and the correct time was about 8.30 am. It read the 1st, at about 5.30. As to am/pm I'm unsure) the hour hand kept skipping or jumping backwards slightly and refused to get to 6. This jumping was accompanied by a slight click from the mechanism so I stopped playing with it in order to not inflict any more damage than there was already. The watch is running now however the hour hand appears to be stuck at about the 5.30 position. The hour hand moves moves freely when adjusting it backwards. I only moved it back to 4, but going forward it stops around the 5.30 position.

    Suggestions, comments, appreciated.

    Again, Happy New Year,

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    Not sure I follow exactly what happened, but you shouldn't use the quick-set date on any watch between the hours of 9pm and 9am. I'd say what's done is done and either way I'd say send for service if it's not working properly.
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    I wouldn't mess with it any more, sounds like she's due for a trip to the B&R service spa.
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    The hour mechanism is probably stuck, and only the watchmakers can solve this.

    Send it to service for a new year treatment

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    keep us inform
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    Once again, I thank you all for your kindness and for stating the obvious. I was lost in the hope that one among the experts had a magic wand to loan. I'll email to Miami Beach and get things rolling. I'll let the forum know of how it goes...


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