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    problems with a BR 03-94 from AuthenticWatches.com

    I bought a BR 03-94 Golden Heritage through Amazon and their 3rd party retailer Authenticwatches.com, June 2015.
    MSRP was $5,800 USD at the time but they had it on sale for only $4,075, always loved this watch and been wanting to buy it for years, my 2nd B&R.
    I wore it for a month and the marker at the 10 o'clock position fell off (see pic). I sent it back for repairs which took a total of 9 weeks though they say 3-4 weeks on their website.
    Once I got it back in late November, 3 weeks later the '6' marker fell off, so I sent it back again and it's been 6 weeks with at least 2 more to go before they can tell me if it's repaired or not.

    After reading other forums, I now concerned I may have bought a faulty copy even though the packaging looked like original B&R.
    I noticed on your website that Authenticwatches.com is not listed as a certified retailer, but are they?

    I assume it should never fall apart under normal use, do you think I may have a faulty copy?

    Mark Amirault
    Florida, USA

    pictures attached;
    Bell & Ross - Amirault damage pic.jpg
    J Amirault Bell&Ross watch.jpg

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    If it was a copy, the watchmakers would have kept it, if they let the watch go it means it's a genuine one

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    They do not make a fake/replica of this model, so yours is definitely genuine. Looks like you've just had some bad luck with poor quality control.
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    Than-you Gudzzy and Sean, that's a relief to know it's a real B&R, I hope this is the last of the marker adhesion issues but I'm still worried perhaps
    all of them weren't attached properly. I'll seek a full replacement if I get a 3rd problem.
    Thanks for taking the time, much appreciated.

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    keep us inform...
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    I'm thinking they'll replace the dial at this stage. Keep us posted.
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