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    Authentic or Fake BR 126-94 Heritage: Beige and off-white dials

    Just picked up another Bell & Ross to add to my collection, the 126-94 Heritage, a beautiful time piece. Upon thorough inspection, it looks to me as if the 'Bell & Ross' logo as well as the minor minute marks are off-white. It is more apparent when I take pictures with flash. However, I noticed that color appearance is somewhat influenced by light. I had expected a more uniform beige look across all marks. I have included pictures, to the best of my ability. Is this typical? All pictures I have come across appear to have a uniform beige color on the dial. Otherwise, the watch feels and looks authentic to me.

    Pictures included. Thank you in advance!

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    It's 100% legit. They've never made a 126 fake/replica that was even close to the real thing.
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    Not fake agree with Sean never seen one

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    100% real
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