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    BR-02 strap size questions

    Hi all, i am new here from Malaysia... getting my BR-02 Fiber soon....

    Anyway I want to find out about the strap sizing for my incoming BR-02, is it 22mm on the lugs and how many mm on the buckle ? As i am looking to also get the B&R deployment buckle for this.

    What is the standard sizing length for the straps (since i notice there XL , L sizing) ? my wrist is a 7.5inch ...

    Thanks in advance....

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    Its 26mm at the lugs, 24mm at the buckle.

    Unfortunately no deployant buckle are available for this strap.

    Standard size is L, approximately 115/75mm.

    Hope it will help.
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    At 7.5 you will find the L ok but on last one or two of deployment holes
    Xl might be better

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    Thanks Gudzyy and thebounder for the info... much appreciated... will now start to hunt for after market straps for the BR02...

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