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Thread: Date & Crown

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    Post Date & Crown

    Dear BR Veterans,

    I just got my first BR watch and would like to ask on the date adjustment.

    My watch showed the date to be 31 when September only has 30 days.

    When I pulled the crown, i could only adjust the minute hand. So i had to forward the time to 1 on the date window.

    Because October has 31 days, will my watch then meet only 30 days in the month of October since the previous cycle was 31 days?

    Thank you
    Mr Lim

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    You have 2 different positions on your crown :
    Pull once : date setting
    Pull a second time : hour adjustment.
    Warning : do not change the date if your watch stopped between 10pm and 2 am. That's the famous dead zone...
    In this case, adjust first the hour then adjust the date.
    Best regards from France !

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    thank you !

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