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    Hand & markers misalignment / Casing screws

    Good Morning All!

    Recent owner of a BR03-94 Golden Heritage, i spend my time watching and inspecting it in every angle and i noticed some defects on it. Let me explain:

    1 - Casing screws
    On many pictures on internet i can see the BR03-92 or 94 with casing screw heads perfectly flush with the casing top surface.
    On my watch, screw heads are a bit lower than the casing top surface. There is even one which is more screwed than the others.
    Cf pictures attached.
    To me this is not normal.

    2 - Misalignement of second markers
    Markers of 0s and 30s on the right dial are not aligned with the hand when it is in this respective position. They are parallel but are not overlapping.
    Cf pictures attached.
    Another sign of this mismatch is when the hand is at 0s, above the "60" sign. On all photos from internet, the hand is exactly placed between the 6 and the 0. On my watch the hand is overlapping the 0.
    To me it is a global defect of the right dial, which has an offset to the left compared to the hand axis.
    I attached pictures on which i draw lines (red on mine, green on other watches from internet). You will easily see the problem.

    For this price ans supposed level of quality, this kind of defect shall not exist.
    To be honest it bothers me quite a lot!

    I would like to know what you think of these 2 points, and if this would be repairable if i bring it to an Authorized Dealer.

    Thank you for your help.

    Attached Images

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    Hi Guys!

    No comment? No advise? No B&R expert to give his opinion? :-/

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    Only one solution if you're not satisfied : give it to B&R service !

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